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Elegant Modern Diamond Mangalsutra For Modern Brides

Indian weddings are incomplete without the symbol of love, the thread that symbolizes a woman’s marital status, and the thread that represents a couple’s marriage, the thread known as Mangalsutra. A Mangalsutra, sindoor, bangles, and noserings, are the symbols that symbolize a married woman in Indian cultures. The symbol of love, the Mangalsutra, is tied by the husband around the neck of his beloved wife. 

Mangalsutra is tied in three knots representing the couple’s spiritual, mental, and physical union. In various cultures, the three knots represent the wife’s commitment to each other and acceptance of the groom’s family with God’s grace. The ritual of tying the Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck is one of the most memorable moments.

The traditional bridal jewelry piece known as a mangalsutra symbolizes the union of two souls and love. This lucky jewelry has a heavenly significance when it comes to Indian weddings. It is the most prized possession of a married woman that symbolizes her marriage.

Due to the fact that modern Mangalsutra designs are constantly being changed, we can see a wide diversity of them today. Diamonds are being used more and more in contemporary Mangalsutras. When deciding on the ideal style for your wedding, you will have a wide range of options to consider, from elegant gold traditional Mangalsutras to breathtaking diamond-studded Mangalsutras.  If you’re getting married soon, choosing a sexy and chic mangalsutra might help you flaunt your bridal look.

With so many Mangalsutra designs flooded in the market, choosing the right one for you that can blend beautifully with your outfit and personality is a challenge. Do not worry; we are here with some beautiful and elegant modern diamond Mangalsutra designs;

  • Elegant Single Diamond at the Centre

Mihika Diamond Mangalsutra

If you are a minimal lover and love to style in the simplest way, then this Mangalsutra is your type. Over the past few years, solitaire diamonds and cushion-cut diamond jewelry pieces have become very popular because this Mangalsutra design can perfectly blend with both traditional and western outfits. 

This priceless, stunning, and beautiful Mangalsutra piece is perfect for a minimalist bride; that is why this Mangalsutra design holds first place in our best Mangalsutra designs list.

  • Floral Diamond Mangalsutra

Sonam Diamond Mangalsutra

Just like diamonds, flowers are dear to every woman, and women are soft, beautiful, and unique like flowers; they have their own uniqueness, making them different from others. Floral prints and patterns capture everyone’s attention very quickly, which is why owning a floral pattern Mangalsutra design are always considered a perfect choice. 

If you are the one who loves to be in vogue always, then the floral Mangalsutra design is the one for you. The floral Mangalsutra design represents the delicacy of the wife, and this Mangalsutra design will never go out of fashion. Floral diamond Mangalsutras are the perfect mixture of women’s most favorite things, diamonds, and flowers.

  • Three diamond Mangalsutra

Ruhi Diamond Mangalsutra

Three dots aligned together are called ellipsis in our English grammar. Ellipsis mainly represents the wearer’s life journey that is going through a lot of changes or facing a new beginning of their life’s new chapter. Similarly, marriage is also life’s new chapter that every woman faces. Besides this, just like the three knots of the Mangalsutras, these three dots denote the exact meaning of the couple’s spiritual, mental, and physical union.

This mangalsutra is constructed on a gold chain and has three diamond studs combined in a subtle, modern style. A few black beads have also been added to the chain to give it a more traditional appearance. When looking for diamond Mangalsutra designs for your wedding, you will always discover such a creation.

  • Curved pendant Mangalsutra Design

Vihaa Diamond Mangalsutra

Curved Pendant Mangalsutra is the new trend for modern Mangalsutra designs, as they give a broad look to your neck. In contrast, a single diamond pendant Mangalsutra does not provide such a feature. Once again, this lovely piece is another perfect example of how beautifully the traditional and western styles can be blended. 

If you are one who does not like single diamond pendant designs, you can surely go for this curved pendant Mangalsutra design. The curved pendant is made out of pure 18K gold and studded with 22K diamonds. The Mangalsutra chain is made out of gold, and auspicious Mangalsutra black beads are added to it to give a traditional look as well.

  • Five Diamond Mangalsutra

Nadia Diamond Mangalsutra

Odd numbers have always been auspicious in Indian culture. This five-diamond Mangalsutra is also one of the best amalgamations of traditional designs and modern designs. The five diamonds are placed together in such a manner that it gives the Mangalsutra a curved shape Mangalsutra pendant design. 

This five-diamond Mangalsutra design is a perfect competitor of a curved pendant Mangalsutra. This Mangalsutra design will elevate the woman’s uniqueness whenever she wears it.

Expert Note from the Jeweller
As time flies, the fashion concepts also fly by, but the importance of Mangalsutras in Indian weddings can never flow by. Initially, in ancient times, yellow gold was the only metal that was used for making a Mangalsutra. Still, as time has changed and Mangalsutra designs have evolved, the metal used in creating the Mangalsutras has also evolved.

At Facet Of Love, you can customize your Mangalsutra as per your choice; you can choose as many Mangalsutra beads and bead arrangement for your Mangalsutra. Facet Of Love has exclusive collections of Mangalsutras in three colors – rose, white & yellow gold. So millennial ladies can choose the jewelry according to their personal preferences and requirements.