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Paralegal vs. Lawyer

Paralegals and lawyers are working in the same profession but their responsibilities, capacities, and duties differ from each other. Every lawyer has studied law and can practise as a counsel and solicitor, contrary to it, paralegals have specialized law course that is shorter than law degree duration. Sometimes the specialized lawyers are busy offering their services and time, and sometimes cost you an extra penny. Hence, sometimes it is more feasible to file a divorce case without hiring a lawyer and simply availing services of a paralegal.

You may be able to find criminal lawyers in Toronto with the following motto: Dedication. Integrity. ResultsHowever, various paralegals in the market also work around the same motto.

What does a paralegal do?

A paralegal is qualified personnel through training or/and education and has intermediate skills of a lawyer and to carry out court proceedings. Usually, paralegals assist lawyers by preparing their cases for the court hearing, court trials, and meetings. A paralegal can assist and work for a lawyer as well as can provide legal services but cannot represent his/her client during a court proceeding or provide legal adviceHe/she can investigate the necessary case details and can also collect documents or do the necessary research, can write a legal report and can assist lawyer during court trials. Paralegals can also work independently and can provide assistance to self-represent clients directly.

Lawyer vs. Paralegal

A lawyer has qualifications and authority to practice law, on the other hand, a paralegal can work as an attorney but is not able to practice law. A paralegal can research for cases, can prepare legal reports, and file documents for the lawyers they are working with.

The basic duty of a lawyer is to be consistent but in the job responsibilities of a paralegal, there is no requirement of being consistent. The education of both lawyers and paralegals is different. As a paralegal, you need to undergo specialized courses but do not need to get a degree from law school. Contrary to it, as a lawyer, you need to graduate from a law school and need to pass a bar council exam.  

Pros of a paralegal

  • Paralegals are pocket-friendly and offer you a wide range of services at an affordable price in comparison with lawyers.
  • A paralegal can give you more time and can provide you with a personalized experience.
  • Most paralegals are more experienced in court procedures and filing in comparison to the lawyers even though in terms of knowledge on legal matters lawyers are better but they do not file documents by themselves in court. Paralegals, contrary to it, are involved in a court filing and have a better understanding of how a court proceeding works.
  • If you are not able to hire a lawyer for a divorce case but are intimidated by the idea of someone handling your paperwork, then a paralegal is the right option for you as they can offer you the right guidance and support.