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Title IX Misconduct Charge and its Consequences

In lower and middle school, the repercussions of a student’s misconduct are not so extreme. But once a student goes to a higher academic institution like a college or a university, he/she becomes liable for misdoings and can have severe consequences like detention, suspension, or a phone call to parents.

Having a mark of academic misconduct on a student’s record can go a long way. It can have a negative consequence on his/her future academic profile and prospective professional career. Attorney Joseph D. Lento, a nationwide title IX defense lawyer can help you with such misconduct cases.

What is Title IX?

Title IX is a federal civil rights law in the US that prohibits discrimination based on sex. It applies to any educational institution run by the government or private. 

Title IX defines sex discrimination as sexual harassment and sexual violence such as sexual coercion or sexual assault, even rape. In Title IX cases, the accuser is called the ‘complainant’ and the student accused of the misconduct is known as the ‘respondent’.

Consequences of sexual misconduct allegations under Title IX

The biggest mistake a student can make while facing a Title IX allegation is to underestimate the consequences. It can have serious repercussions and the following consequences:

  1. If a student is accused under Title IX, he/she can be sanctioned, suspended, or expelled from the academic institution.
  2. The allegation can lead to further criminal charges that could end in jail or the student can even be registered as a sex offender in the criminal records.
  3. The matter is so serious that a student’s personal reputation can be at stake.
  4. Title IX rulings can come in a student’s permanent disciplinary records which can severely hurt his/her chances of graduation, job searches and hamper future career.

Title IX Process Timeline

A general timeline that can give an overview of the Title IX proceedings is given below:

  • Day 1: The first day sees the qualifying incident being reported to the school authority.
  • Week 1: Preliminary investigation gets started this week. If required, law enforcement is called upon.
  • Week 2-5: In these weeks, further Title IX investigation is carried out.
  • Week 6: The final report is presented this week to the investigation coordinator. 
  • Week 7: The title IX coordinator reviews the gathered results and decides on the course of the case. In this stage, both parties are informed of the decision.
  • Week 7-8: The appeals process begins if requested by either party.
  • Day 60: If the respondent is found guilty, long-term sanctions are applied.

If you feel that your child is being wrongly accused of Title IX sexual misconduct, contact Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm immediately for help.