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Involved In A Car Accident In Queens? Here’s What To Do

Serious auto accidents are reported regularly in New York, almost every month. Getting involved in a car accident can be overwhelming and terrifying at the same time. It can be hard to comprehend whatever has happened, and more importantly, what one should do in the current situation. New York is a no-fault car insurance state, so you are required to seek compensation from your own insurer first. In this post, we are sharing steps to follow, after getting injured in a car accident in Queens.

Call 911

If someone is injured or is in need of medical care, call 911 immediately. It doesn’t matter who or what caused the accident, try and help everyone in need. If your injuries are minor, you should still see an injury doctor, to know the actual extent of your injuries. Car accident injuries, especially when related to the back and spine, are often detected later.

Call the Police

This one is a no-brainer. All car accidents in NY that involve injury, death, or property damage worth $1,001 or more, must be reported. You should pull over and wait for the local police to come. You can share your version of the accident, but do not admit fault or blame the other side. You will need to follow up with the police because their report is important. If you can find any issues with the report, you can talk to the police for corrections.

Get contact details

Until the local police arrive at the scene, get details of all the other drivers, passengers, witnesses, pedestrians, and others involved in the accident. You should ask other drivers for their insurance information, license details, and other relevant info.

Take your Evidence

Right after an accident, you will have the evidence you need to document what happened. Evidence includes photos of vehicles damaged, injuries sustained by you and others, conditions of the weather and road, and other things that matter. If there were witnesses, take their details and talk to them about what they saw.

File the accident report

After a car accident in Queens, you are required to complete Form MV-104. This refers to the Report of Motor Vehicle Accident, which must be submitted to the DMV.

Call an attorney

Once you feel okay, call a reliable car accident lawyer in Queens, to know more about your claim and what to expect in compensation. A good lawyer is your best bet at getting a fair settlement.