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Whether you are faced with a criminal charge, theft, or DUI, you should obtain legal representation immediately. This will ensure that your best interests are being looked after and that you do not jeopardize your chances at fighting the charges against you. If you are looking for the best criminal lawyer in Singapore, it can be hard to know who best fits your needs. This article will outline 7 factors you should consider when seeking out a criminal attorney.

1. Great Reviews and Ratings

Start by looking at the reviews and ratings from the previous clients. If they are fresh off a trial where he or she helped someone get acquitted on similar charges, this is a good sign that your attorney can best handle your case too. You should also consider reading what past clients have to say to get an idea of what you are likely to face.

2. References and Recommendations

You should also be certain that the best criminal lawyer in Singapore has a solid list of references and recommendations from past clients. Ideally, you will want someone who can offer at least two or three reputable names of people he or she has helped with similar cases in the past. This shows their best work and best abilities as an attorney.

3. Appropriate Background

When looking for the right criminal lawyer in Singapore, you want to ensure that your attorney is best suited to represent you. While familiarity with the law can be important, it is equally as important that your attorney has a background and education on par with the charges against you. Consider asking past clients about their experience with your potential defense attorney. If they’ve been convicted, you may want to consider hiring someone with more experience.

4. Experience

The best criminal lawyer in Singapore should also have experience in fighting related charges. This is especially true if your charge involves a complex legal matter, such as fraud or theft. You do not want an attorney who has never tried these types of cases before fighting on your behalf.

5. Proven Track Record

As with any attorney, it is best to hire someone with a good track record of winning cases similar to the one you face. While past clients are always the best source of information, you may also want to look at how other lawyers have rated his or her performance in criminal trials.

6. Guaranteed Results

Remember, you are seeking the best criminal lawyer in Singapore because you want guaranteed results. While this may seem difficult to find, there is no reason to settle for an attorney who cannot guarantee improvement on your case. If they cannot assure you of a winning outcome, it is best to find someone else.

7. Commitment and Passion for the Field

Finally, it is best to hire someone who shows passion and commitment towards fighting your case. While some lawyers are necessary, you will want your attorney to show a personal interest in winning your case and getting you off as best he or she can. This will ensure that you get the best possible representation in your case.


By considering these seven factors, you will have no problem finding the best criminal lawyer in Singapore to represent you in your criminal trial. Make sure to acquire the best representation possible by choosing someone who can best meet your needs today.