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Does The Harassment Have to Be Violent or Physical for Me to Win a Legal Case?

The Different Faces of Harassment

Harassment is not a pleasant experience and comes in various forms, such as sexual harassment, workplace harassment, quid pro quo harassment, and cyberbullying. Sexual harassment includes verbal, physical, and behavioral.

Some examples of harassment come from a person (s) making fun of another person (s) by making jokes, derogatory sexual remarks, and derogatory comments. In addition, sexual harassment happens when a person forces physical encounters such as inappropriate touching, assault, confining another person, or standing too close to the victim.

If a person makes ongoing suggestions to another person to engage in overt sexual activities, they are guilty of sexual harassment. If one person reveals their private body parts to another person, they are inappropriately intimidating or soliciting sex. This person is guilty of sexual harassment. 

If a person constantly shows videos, photos, audio, and materials to another person, they are guilty of sexual harassment. 

Sexual harassment happens in the workplace when a person (s) promises an employee a promotion, increased opportunities, and benefits in exchange for sexual favors. Other actions that are sexual harassment in nature include sexual innuendo or intent. 

If you are in your workplace and overhear whispers or hurtful remarks about your dress, body, or sexual orientation, you are the victim of sexual harassment. When you are the victim of workplace sexual harassment, never be fearful of threats of retaliation when you report such behavior. 

Responsibilities of Employers Regarding Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Employers are obligated to provide written materials to employees regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers must follow up with a policy to deal with harassment, discrimination, and retaliation by the guilty person.

Your employer must provide employees with a list of protected groups that an employee can call to voice a confidential complaint. These groups explain the laws regarding possible sexual harassment. In addition, employers have a responsibility to promise no retaliation and report any complaints received.


Can You Legally Fight Sexual Harassment that is Not Violent or Physical?

Sexual harassment and the other types of harassment listed do not have to end up as a physical encounter with possible violent outcomes to bring a legal suit against a person(s). You have an excellent chance to win your claim with the right seasoned lawyers. Likewise, the requirement of sexual harassment does not have to be violent and physical in nature to win a lawsuit against the person committing the act. 

Any identified harassment becomes a violation of your right of freedom from sexual harassment in the workplace or within any type of organized activity. Therefore, sexual harassment is a serious claim. Your best course of action is to seek a legal claim against the guilty person. It does not matter if the guilty person is a co-worker or, worse yet, your boss.

A legal lawsuit brought against the person may be enough to stop the behavior. However, your threat is probably not enough to stop this behavior in the future, making someone else a victim. Therefore, it is best to seek our help and continue with your suit.

Laws do not dictate that you hire an attorney. However, it would be best to have an attorney by your side to help you fight your case. An attorney is regarded as especially needed if you are fighting workplace harassment. You can be sure that the accused has an attorney to represent them. You cannot navigate the judicial system regarding sexual harassment without seasoned legal help to support you.

Experiencing sexual workplace harassment is grossly upsetting and an emotional experience to endure. The effects of sexual harassment can last the rest of your life. Your only alternative is to report the incident (s) to your company head. However, 

  • If your company does not take your complaint seriously
  • It urges you not to bring a lawsuit against the person.
  • There is no follow-up on your complaint. 
  • The person continues to harass you.

It is best to hire a seasoned attorney experienced in handling sexual harassment cases and pursue a legal claim against the person(s) or company. An attorney explores all aspects of your case and will not allow the guilty party to walk away without penalty of fine or jail time. 

Call to Action to Stop Sexual Harassment in Its Tracks

Our attorneys at The Gilleon Law Firm are seasoned in dealing with sexual, verbal, emotional, physical, and violent contact harassment. We have successfully won hundreds of cases for victims of sexual harassment. We have won millions of dollars for these victims. A settlement is such a small price for the emotional and physical pain and suffering you endured by the guilty person. Please access our website for more information. We cannot help you until you give us a call. 

When sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, your boss needs to stop the behavior when you address your concerns and anger. In addition, your boss needs to comply with your complaint and seriously document and address your concerns without ramifications against you or your loved one, the victim. 

Life is plenty difficult enough for honest, hard-working people. However, you do not have to continue to endure the evil actions of co-workers or bosses displaying these actions when you are trying to earn an honest living. Sexual harassment leaves emotional scars for a lifetime. 

No person or company can cause a violation of your rights through sexual harassment or any other type of harassment. Give us a call today. We serve the residents of, 

  • Riverside
  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • Riverside, California, and surrounding areas. 

*If you are in danger or fear for your life, please call us immediately and seek help from law enforcement. A legal report documented by the police helps you to seek compensation. If you or a loved one is a victim of harassment, please give us a call today at 1-800-408-2857 to stop the guilty party. We have four offices listed below to serve your legal needs.