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How to Wear Long Sleeve Dresses and Where to Buy Great Ones

Looking at other women around you, flaunting their wonderful and beautiful long sleeve dresses, you’ve probably started wishing that you had a few of those. You didn’t go shopping right away, though, because there are still a few things you need to get straight before making the purchase. First off, you want to know how to actually wear and style this clothing item, because you want it to look amazing once you get it.

Here’s some inspiration for you:

Secondly, you want to know where it is that you can exactly find and buy some amazing long sleeve dresses for yourself. Sure, you may want to look at some of your local shops, but there’s a chance you may not be happy with what you find, meaning you’ll need to look for some alternatives as well. In any case, both of those questions have to be answered for you before you do any shopping at all, so that’s what we’ll do.

How to Wear Long Sleeve Dresses

Have you ever tried something on, something that you saw on someone else and that looked amazing, only to realize that it doesn’t look as great on you? Assuming it’s your body type that’s getting in the way, you’ve probably returned such items to the shelves and most likely avoided trying on similar ones the next time you went shopping. While I get where such assumptions may be coming from, and while you may be right at one point, the truth is that it’s not always your body type that’s “to blame” for something not looking right on you.

Sometimes, it’s your lack of knowledge on how to style a certain item. Don’t let the same thing happen with long sleeve dresses. So many different styles and designs out there that will fit your body type, but if you don’t style them right, you’ll probably be disappointed with the overall look. So, let’s give you some ideas on how to actually style these perfectly and how to, thus, rock the next outfit. This could help as well.

Grab a Blazer

Very few outfits exist that a blazer can’t make better. Plus, it’s quite functional. If it’s a bit chilly outside and you still want to wear your long sleeve dress but feel comfortable in the process, grabbing a blazer on the way out can make a huge difference, not only for your comfort, but also for the overall appearance. Playing with colors is something you can try, or you can go for a neutral one if you’re not ready to get colorful. That, of course, will depend on the color of your dress as well.

Or a Cardigan

Similarly, you can grab a cardigan instead of a blazer, and it will come especially in handy if the weather is not that warm. This will result in an outfit that not only feels rather comfortable, but that also looks quite appealing. If you don’t like the sense of all that material sort of dragging behind and around you while you’re walking, because this will be a looser look, you can always add a belt to the outfit and give it some more shape and structure.

Add a Shirt Beneath It

You’ve probably seen women wearing shirts beneath their long sleeve dressed already. Yet, somehow, you could never pull it off. Well, maybe you’ve been trying it the wrong way and maybe the neckline simply didn’t allow for a shirt to be added beneath the dress. That’s one thing to be careful about, but when you try a few different outfits out, and different necklines, you’ll find the one that will go perfectly with a shirt underneath, and that shirt will serve not only to enhance the style of your outfit, but also to provide you with an extra layer during colder days.

Wear a Pullover Over it

Trying a pullover over the wrong dresses also won’t work. Most long sleeve dresses, however, will definitely allow you to wear them like this. And, the best part is, adding a pullover over the dress will make it seem as if you have a completely new clothing item, that is, a skirt. Keep in mind that this is best worn during colder days, because you don’t want to be hot underneath all of those layers.

Add Some Heels to The Mix

If not keen on adding any pullovers, cardigans or similar items to your outfit and you simply want to show off your long sleeve dress as it is, since the weather allows it, here’s the only tip you need. Sure, the outfit will look amazing on sneakers as well, but adding some heels to the mix can make a huge difference. It can turn a day outfit into an evening one, so keep that in mind if you need to make such a transformation.

Where to Buy Great Ones

Learning how to style these clothing items will help you always feel comfortable and confident while wearing them. Of course, so as to wear them, you first need to buy them. Taking a look at the Mint Julep dresses will immediately make you realize that you’ll have various different designs to choose among, guaranteeing that you’ll find something you’ll love. The thing is, though, you may not know where to shop for these, so let’s make that clear.

You can do all of your shopping online when it comes to long sleeve dresses, and most women opt for that solution simply because it provides them with a wider selection of clothing items to choose among. There are numerous shops that sell these dresses and a lot of them are bound to fit not only your style, but also your budget. Speaking of, what you should do when checking out these different online stores is compare the costs of the items they are selling, but remember to compare the quality and the styles as well. And, remember, paying a bit of a higher price for a high quality long sleeve dress is better than paying virtually nothing and winding up with a poor quality item that will sit in your closet, never to be worn.