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Modest Clothing & How to Spruce It Up with a Cardigan

What do you think of when someone mentions modest clothing? In truth, in this modern world where the term has almost been given a new meaning, most think of prim, proper and stiff. However, what it means – and has always meant to a degree – is the desire to leave something to the imagination while also looking stylish. 

So, we’re just talking about clothes that cover more of you, and yes, if you choose your outfits unwisely, you can end up looking a little plain. That said, sprucing up a modest outfit is as easy as adding a cardigan to your wardrobe, as it can be worn in a number of different ways.

Modest Clothing Can Be Spruced With a Cardigan

When considering your wardrobe options, adding a cardigan to your modest clothing can hide a multitude of sins. In fact, they’re such versatile garments, coming as they do in a range of styles, colors and textures, and adding one or two to your wardrobe will give you lots to play with. 

They’re also awesome for layering and can be worn in a range of different ways. Yes, that’s right, we’re not just talking about wearing your cardigan in a conventional way. 

Tying Your Cardigan Stylishly

Essentially, there are two main ways you can wear a cardigan to boost your style. The first is one most people will remember from their school days. 

  • Tying it around the waist – a great way to wear your cardigan (other than the normal way) is to wear it around your waist. You can do this by either simply tying the arms around your waist or folding it in half and tying it up at the back. This is a great way also to store your cardigan while you’re not using it. 
  • Tying it Over Your Shoulders – another way to wear your cardigan (without actually wearing it) is over the shoulders. Offering a preppy look that keeps you warm when the temperature drops at night, it simply involves draping it over your shoulder and tying it loosely around your neck.

Both of these options allow you to keep your cardigan close at hand, while also adding to the style of your modest apparel. Remember that there are almost no rules in terms of the cardigans you wear and the styles and colors you choose. 

Cardigans Offer Many Benefits For Wearers of Modest Clothing

If there’s one thing you should have above all else as someone who prefers modest garments is have at least a couple of cardigans at your disposal. They allow you to easily and simply enhance your looks without having to forego your principles. 

No one says you have to be overly flamboyant or an exhibitionist to be stylish and attractive, as that’s often not the way it pans out. However, when wearing modest attire, you still have the option to accessorize and layer – something that cardigans are great for.

So, make sure you have at least one or two in your wardrobe. It doesn’t matter what color or style it is, so long as it complements what else you have to work with.