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Democratizing Jewelry Knowledge: Rare Carat’s Impact on Consumer Empowerment

Buying a diamond is one of the most important decisions one can make in their life As thousands of Pinterest boards can testify, nothing compares to a diamond regardless of whether it is for an engagement, a personal treat, or for your wedding anniversary. Diamonds have always symbolized love, luxury, commitment, and timeless beauty. Receiving or giving a diamond is the most precious gift anyone can ever have but with “experts” giving advice. It can be quite challenging for any consumer to discover which the best diamond is.

This is where Rare Carat comes in, by democratizing jewelry knowledge. Featured in Forbes and in New York Times, Rare Carat’s Influence wants to empower today’s and tomorrow’s consumers to help them all make an informed and confident decision when buying their diamonds. Sharing inside knowledge ensures that consumers get the best value for their money and avoid overpricing, fraud, and scams.

How Rare Carat Empowers Consumers

Empowerment is the process of giving consumers the resources and tools they need to make an informed and confident decision. Empowerment means giving every consumer easy access to information and insights that for years were only available to those who are industry experts and insiders. Similar to how prominent companies like Pinterest, in New York Times, and in Forbes give thousands of knowledge from unbiased even personalized advice, these seemingly simple yet valuable insights empower the consumer with confidence and peace of mind.

Ways on How Rare Carat Empowers Consumers

1) Rare Carat Online Marketplace – A World of Options

One of the multitudes of challenges every diamond consumer faces when buying diamonds is finding the best deal for the specific kind of diamond that they are looking for. Found within Rare Carat’s search engine is an advanced A.I. that gives consumers the ability to choose, to filter their search results by a wide range of criteria. The purpose behind this advanced technology is to save the consumer’s time and money.

Everything from the size of the diamond, the shape of the diamond, its color, its brilliance, the price, the origin, natural or lab-grown diamonds, about the seller and so much more. In Forbes, diamonds have never been popular. Rare Carat’s online platform was designed with the consumer in mind, giving every kind of option; not just multiple options for diamonds but even information on the retailer selling the diamond they want.

There is nothing more empowering when a customer knows just how much a diamond of a specific quality is, and which retailer offers the best deal. This is why websites like Pinterest are very popular. Never before was a seemingly simple yet truly empowering feat possible. This ability to choose specifically is a privilege that thousands wish they had before.

2) Rare Carat Blog – Insider Knowledge & Expert Advice

The world of diamonds has always had secrets that only a few know, and this is where Rare Carat wants to make an impact on consumers. If there’s one thing that sets Rare Carat apart from most, it is the sharing of information, insider knowledge, and expert advice that only those with deep pockets can have. Featured in Forbes magazine, and in the New York Times are found hundreds of expertly written articles within Rare Carat’s blog that give consumers the knowledge and straightforward expert advice that too many refuse to share.

Through this sharing of knowledge, Rare Carat’s blog has everything one could need to be empowered. Take, for example, it used to be difficult to determine the value of a diamond. Featured in Forbes’ article the 4Cs exist as an industry standard led by independent gemological organizations such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or the AGS (American Gem Society). These organizations set the four factors to consider the price and quality of a diamond. Specifically the Carat (weight), Clarity (flaws), Cut (proportions), and Color (hue).

These four Cs are the basic standards for determining the price and quality of a diamond. However, this simply isn’t enough. The certifications included whenever a consumer buys a diamond given by these organizations lay out a complete detail of the diamond from symmetry, depth, fluorescence, and many more. The articles found in Rare Carat’s blog detail this and more in simple and clear terms. Further cementing Rare Carat’s #1 spot in America’s diamond market for unbiased and expert advice.

3) Expert Feedback and Unbiased Advice from Gemologist Experts

The final challenge most consumers face when they are buying diamonds is finding advice and feedback that is not only relevant but trustworthy. There are thousands of reviews for everything nowadays even in Forbes and in the New York Times but only very few diamond marketplaces truly offer expert advice and feedback that focuses on the consumers.

Buying a diamond is a serious purchase that requires deep thought and research. There is nothing worse for a consumer than to receive “advice” that is outdated, biased, or just inaccurate. There are thousands of these pieces of advice on Pinterest. To prevent confusion, being overwhelmed, or being misled. Rare Carat has purposefully given consumers access to expert gemologists who help turn complex issues into simple, digestible advice.

Rare Carat even from the very beginning has made it its mission to empower the consumer. Everything about diamonds that one could need or research about, can all be found in Rare Carat. Rare Carat believes that empowering an individual is simply giving them the ability to choose specifically. This is true empowerment.