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Rare Carat: Data-Driven Jewelry Decisions

Learn More From Well-trusted Diamond Expertise

If you are in the market for big diamonds, especially for engagement and wedding rings, you should source it from a well-trusted retailer that delivers quality diamond gems throughout the years.

You should learn more from your trusted friends and colleagues who have an interest in diamonds on where they also get their diamonds. If they have been satisfied with their diamond supplier, this means that you can also trust to get quality diamonds from that specific supplier. So, this is a referral of word-of-mouth on where to get your diamonds.

But if you wish to look at the larger picture and get an idea of reliable diamond sources from social media, follow Rare Carat America on X (formerly Twitter). They have created quite a following from diamond enthusiasts who spiritedly follow their notifications on X on what are the latest trends in the diamond industry. You can then follow X and look at their website for more extensive information about the diamond products that they offer.

Rare Carat America Gives You All the Answers About Big Diamonds

Rare Carat is the number one reliable source for you when it comes to unbiased and frank advice about diamond engagement rings. The company has a no-holds-barred policy when it comes to handing down consultations for you when it comes to investment in diamond engagement rings. Their priority is that you get the best products with more savings in the end for you.

In the online diamond industry, when people talk about Rare Carat, it shines as bright as the diamonds they sell. It conveys exclusivity, luxury, and expertise that is unmatched anywhere in the industry that it thrives in.

Learn more about big diamonds, whether natural or lab-grown diamonds, when you seek diamond engagement ring advice from Rare Carat. The company is now pioneering a new generation of data-driven jewelry decisions wherein you are not alone in your decision-making efforts before you invest in your diamond rings.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

You should know that when Rare Carat was established in 2016, it was only natural diamonds that were extensively available to the public. But by this year 2023, over 50 percent of all engagement rings sold in the USA usually integrate a lab-grown diamond. This gives you a clue of how much Rare Carat has promoted lab-grown diamonds as viable alternatives to natural diamonds. Rare Carat, when you visit its website, gives you the best deals and the safest channels to buy them from.

You should know that the lab-grown diamonds being promoted by Rare Carat are in no way imitations or simulants. In fact, they have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. The only difference between them is where they came from. Lab-grown diamonds, promoted by Rare Carat, began their journey through tested methods such as High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). These methods recreate the conditions through which naturally mined diamonds go through when they form and evolve deep with the Earth’s mantle.

Lab-grown diamonds or man-made diamonds, were first created in 1954 by General Electric. But they were not made to be worn on the fingers but as industrial diamonds used as abrasives or lasers. Now, Rare Carat will escort you, on its website, through various gem-quality lab-grown diamonds that are crafted in different striking styles.

Talk to a Rare Carat Expert and Follow Us on X

Learn more and get immediate feedback when you talk to an expert at Rare Carat about big diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. You get unbiased advice to save you money. You also enjoy free gemologist checks on GIA-certified diamonds and also 4 Cs Diamond Buying Guide.

Rare Carat makes you learn more about the laboratory-grown diamond market which is reshaping the jewelry industry. You will be introduced to diamonds that merge advanced technology, environment-friendly practices, and the eternal attraction of diamonds which make life more beautiful.

When you make those diamond jewelry decisions on what investments to purchase, be data-driven and get all the research you can acquire, through Rare Carat’s unparalleled expertise. Visit and follow on X (Twitter).